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VISSELECT is manufacturer of particular kits complying with your products specificities.

We compose plastics bags ready-for-use for any fields of activity.

Possibility to gather in those bags any kind of complementary items thanks to ours experience in buying in many fields (Solder lugs, glues, sheet metal parts, optic connectors, adhesive tapes, stickers...)

Assets :

  • One order recording to manage.
  • One Technical and logistics partner.
  • Quantity checked in our premises by electronic weighting.
  • Possibility to include items other than screws.
  • On-made products. 

Competitive services of the higest quality.

  kit1.png kit2.png  

On Demand assembling:

  • Assembling parts
  • Specific plugs and bolt 
kit3.png kit4.png  
Alert ! Visselect is a wholesaler for professional industry. 
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